We envisage Cubedots to be the game-changer in advance contemporary digital visualization and the most
engaging solution to today’s product promotion challenges.

With close to 5 years of development, and after a major technological innovation/breakthrough in 2016, today Cubedots
fuses together design and technology for Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality (VR/MR) solutions for off-plan real estate environments.

Proprietary in-house technology enables Cubedots’ to provide solutions that are, arguably, uniquely
‘best in class’ products in their field globally.

What Values Make Us Different?


Our energy and passion ensures we are always looking for faster, more efficient ways to serve customers, create new platforms, create new customer bases and enhance value.


We act confidently and decisively, always knowingly, embracing an ethos of inclusiveness, empowerment, and creativity combined with a thrust on continuous improvement.


We're true to ourselves. We act fairly and we communicate clearly. We honour our obligations to our stakeholders and to society. We always say what we mean and we always mean what we say.


We see the familiar and notice something different. We're insightful. We're imaginative. But we don't let it get in the way of what's important.


We are committed to establishing new benchmarks founded upon punctuality and transparency. We deliver our projects on time every time.


We are constantly alert to new ideas and creativity and look for excellence that we can embed into our products.

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